Top 10

We are going to do some Myth Busting as it relates to reasons for not attending a class reunion.  Stay tuned as we update these each week.


Reason #10: I don't even remember most of my classmates.

With age comes memory loss.  Don't worry about it - we'll have nametags for you!

CONFIRMED!  (but accommodations are available)


Reason #9: Nobody will recognize me at the DDHS Class of 1985 25 Year Reunion.

That’s fantastic!  None of us looked that great with our 1980’s permed hair, acne, and parachute pants.  Come reveal the new you!


Reason #8: I can’t even remember the natural color of my hair.

Congratulations!  You’ve made it this long and still have hair.  Many of your classmates will be jealous.  But please remember that God made a few beautiful heads, and on the rest he put hair.

  (so what)

Reason #7: DDHS Class of 1985 Reunion Costs Too Much.

Sure,  you could go out to dinner at a nice a restaurant for less, but there are several things you would miss.  Old bald men playing air guitars to Def Leppard is just one.  Need we say more?

Seeing your classmates is priceless!!


Reason #6: There’s nothing exciting to do in Delavan.

What are you talking about?  Since High School we’ve added several traffic lights, a Panera, and even a STARBUCKS! 

In all honesty, excitement has nothing to do with the signs on the storefronts, it’s all about the memorable things we did with our exciting, crazy, stupid, foolish (insert your memorable adjective here) friends.  Why should the reunion be any different?


Reason #5: I don’t want my classmates from DDHS to see me carrying an extra 20 pounds of weight.

Only 20 pounds?  Congratulations, your diet and exercise routines are working!  Make sure you share your secrets with your classmates. They’ll love you for it!

None of this stuff really matters. The plain truth is: We (your old friends) want to see you!

CONFIRMED. (but you are not alone)


Reason #4: Class of 1985 25 Year Reunion Moved to Panera.

If you don’t sign up soon, we’ll need to move the event to Panera. (Yes, Delavan now has a Panera!). 

Please!! Buy  your tickets NOW!

  (OK this is just a little sensationalism to persuade you to buy tickets and join us at the reunion.  But, we may need to adjust menu or included drinks depending on the actual number of paid guests.)


Reason #3: I’m Embarrassed by Past Scandals.

Don’t let down your friends who have repeated the story to children and friends for years.  Your adventurous spirit is the source of legends. 

Just a small word of advice – don’t correct too many of the facts – it may diminish the importance of your epic battle with the forces of evil (Dr Cass, Dr Draeger, Police, Parents, …)



Reason #2: I simply don’t want to attend the DDHS Class of 1985 25 Year Reunion

So what?  Your mom made you eat spinach. Why? Because it is good for you.  Attending your 25 Year Class Reunion is good for you too!  Just get your butts in gear and signup for the class reunion.  What else are you going to do?  This is a great reason to stay up past 9PM!

Confirmed! (but mom says it's good for you anyways)


Reason #1: I’m too old to be hanging out with my high school friends!

Yes - it's true. We (translated YOU) are OLD.  Children refer to us as ancient. But with us, at least you won’t have to lie about your age.